Villains Unite As MF DOOM & CZARFACE Wreak Havoc On A Beat (Audio)

Two of Hip-Hop’s comic-inspired bad boys are MF DOOM and CZARFACE. To be clear, CZARFACE is in fact a trio of Esoteric, Inspectah Deck, and DJ 7L, who together form a force that would love to shoot a fair one with Voltron.

From the Bronx-to-Boston crew’s sophomore album, Every Hero Needs A Villain, CZARFACE shares “Ka-Bang!,” the MF DOOM collaboration. Ghostface Killah is not the only Wu-Tang Clansmen who can get it in with DOOM, as Deck, DOOM, and Eso’ slap bars around on a sparse, ever-changing beat. This is a lyrical exhibition match, of the highest potency. All four of these artists are ’90s alums who gave way to the underground, giving purist Heads exactly what they asked for.

The only thing that would result in more villainy is MC Ren on the remix…

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