Whether It’s His Beat Or Kendrick Lamar’s, Fabolous Will Be Awwright (Video)

Fabolous has been on a freestyle tear recently, making his lyrical moves and laying them to waste over classic jams from the likes of fellow New Yorkers Nas, Mobb Deep, and the Wu-Tang Clan. Now, just days after jumping on the same stage as Kendrick Lamar and taking down Summer Jam with his stellar performance, Fab springs into the limelight with Kendrick yet again, but under different circumstances.

Despite seemingly concluding his freestyle series, after releasing a full mixtape of his drops with DJ Clue, the Brooklyn MC is back with another. He reunites with a beat he may have been incredibly familiar with in the past as he rips up Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright” instrumental featured on his critically acclaimed To Pimp A Butterfly project. As the story has been told, Fab may have been the original rhymesmith for the production as a video surfaced of the beat’s creator, Pharrell, playing the jawn at a Fool’s Gold Rap Party with Fab as the leading man. Whether or not Fab is upset with the prominent producer or Kendrick is unclear, but based solely on the video, he seems to be doing “Awwright” either way.

Do you think Fabolous is reasonably upset, or is he handling this one like Kendrick and “King Kunta?”

“I’m mad (He mad), but I ain’t stressin’.”

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