Cannibal Ox Make A Rare Visual…In Front Of Big L’s Harlem Mural (Video)

Part of Cannibal Ox’s mystique surrounding The Cold Vein came in the fact that its presentation relied almost entirely on the music. Vast Aire, Vordul Mega, and then-producer El-P were not about the video components (just one, really), photo shoots, and over-the-top interviews. The Def Jux hallmark spoke for itself, and is still talking loudly, nearly 15 years later.

For this year’s follow-up, Blade Of The Ronin, it’s a new age. The video is a demanded vehicle to make the message palpable. In the changing times, Vast and Vordul adapt, still keeping that grit. “Harlem Knights” catches Uptown in the dark—the very streets where the Ox was formed. In front of some symbolic backdrops, the two MCs flip bars with their celebrated cadences, and own the moment, showing that like the five boroughs they represent, their skills are very much in tact—if Heads know where to look:

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