DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist Toured Playing Afrika Bambaataa’s Actual Records. Here’s One Show (Video)

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Throughout the last year, DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist toured the world with Afrika Bambaataa’s records. Not just copies of records that the Universal Zulu Nation founder made or carried, but the actual “sacred crates” of Hip-Hop from one of its foremost pioneers. Together, Cut and Shadow called the act Renegades Of Rhythm (an homage to Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force hit). Heads may have heard Cut Chemist’s 30-minute promo mix last October. However, a full video—featuring some incredibly cool back-drops (by iconic photographer Joe Conzo) emerges. This was filmed on November 25 of last year, in Oakland, California—not far from where Shadow grew up.

In between the records, the two West Coast DJs, both of whom prominently appeared in Scratch and worked together on Brainfreeze, Product Placement, and a host of other projects, provide some insight into the history, the grooves, and Hip-Hop as it was evolving—around the world, and in Kevin Donovan’s record collection. The quality is strong, and hopefully the Jurassic 5 and Solesides tandem considers doing this again, if ever they could—because it seems like a party not to be missed.

Heads can hear Chic, Beastie Boys, The Incredible Bongo Band, Jimmy Castor Bunch, James Brown, Liquid Luquid, Sugarhill Gang, Esther Williams, and plenty of Soulsonic Force.

Spotted at egotrip!.

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