Eminem Attacks A Track In A Reminder That His Crown Is In Tact (Audio)

From the Southpaw soundtrack, Eminem is truly clearing house. The Detroit, Michigan superstar follows his “Phenomenal” single with a song that also fits nicely for a boxing film. “Kings Never Die” teams Em’ with his Interscope family label-mate, Gwen Stefani. Produced by Self-Scientific’s DJ Khalil, this record has pop appeal, with its broad chorus, universal reach, and power-ballad ingredients.

However, for those cynics thinking Eminem was simply enhancing a film, think again. Like “Lose Yourself,” “Kings Never Die” is an autobiographical reminder of all that Marshall Mathers worked so hard for in the ’90s and early 2000s. Within, the MC dusts off the accomplishments of Rap’s new class, while mentioning Soundbombing, Thirstin Howl, III and his early days. In doing so, Eminem unleashes a fervent flow, maniacal delivery, and some of that cadence that earned him the throne in the first place.


Is Eminem reminding the world that even in hiatus, his skills and ranks have never been conquered?

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