Eminem Helps Signal The Return Of Epic Blockbuster Visuals, But Can All Enjoy? (Video)

Eminem has released a 30-second trailer for his “Phenomenal” video. Part music video, part short-film, the moment alludes to its place as the latest big budget, high concept visual from an A-list artist. Kanye West, Drake, and Vic Mensa have been doing this throughout recent years. Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright” video, released just yesterday (June 30) only adds to the trend to restore the video companion as an integral part of driving a song’s magnitude and complete packaging.

For the trailer to the Southpaw soundtrack moment, Eminem awakens from a hospital bed of sorts to quickly get immersed in an Asian chase that includes motorcycles, helicopters, and lots of suspense:

Part of the July 24 film roll-out, “Phenomenal” is touted to release on Apple Music, following Rihanna’s “BBHMM” trailer for July 2 direct release on Tidal. Amidst the renaissance of ’90s-style narrative event-videos, are pay-walls and subscription-exclusives holding back the return to the form?

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