Guerilla Radio: A Pirate FM Station Caught Playing Nothing But Unedited Geto Boys

In the history of Hip-Hop, Houston, Texas’ Geto Boys are one of the rawest groups to garner mainstream recognition. Whether the famed trio of Scarface, Willie D, and Bushwick Bill, or other group members Raheem, Prince Johnny C, Big Mike, or Sir Rap-A-Lot, songs like “Let A Ho Be A Ho,” “Fuck ‘Em,” and “I’m Not A Gentleman” challenged censorship groups, and fast-tracked Parental Advisory stickers.

According to Local 12 (care of HipHopDX), one Cincinnati, Ohio area FM radio station embraced the Geto Boys’ grit and “did it like a G.O.” 87.9FM in Southern Ohio has been reportedly playing nothing but the Rap-A-Lot Records greats, non-stop, for “months.” The station has been playing explicit versions of the songs, prompting local resident Pete Whitte to contact Federal Communication Commission (FCC). The station is unauthorized, and thus classifies as “pirate radio.” Local 12 interviewed Tanya Morgan co-founder Ilyas for the report:

Not familiar with the GB’z? Here’s a taste of what Ohioans in listening distance got, while tuning and seeking:

As the Geto Boys are actively touring and raising money for their first album (Habeus Corpus) in a decade, is this some guerrilla marketing that would make J. Prince proud?

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