Kendrick Lamar Says He Knew He Arrived When He Recorded With Snoop (Video)

For fans who have listened to Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly album more than once since its release, the album has the rare quality of revealing new elements with each touch of the “play” button. Like a fine meal, the complexities of the LP’s offerings take time to be unpacked and digested.

Kendrick recently spoke with Peter Rosenberg about the album’s reception, now that listeners have had three months to live with it. In the short, but informative, interview, they spoke about Kendrick and TDE’s initial concerns about how the album would be received and whether it would be commercially viable. They also discussed Kendrick’s favorite song on the album and why, though he loved songs like “i” and “These Walls,” he was not capable of making them even two years ago.

Turning to his influences, Kendrick spoke about his love for G-Funk and Soul and his satisfaction with being able to introduce those genres to a younger audience. And, in a revealing moment, he discussed how humbled he was to have Snoop on the album and what it was like to record “Institutionalized” in Snoop’s home. Check out the interview.

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