Kool Keith Made One Of His Most Focused Works Alongside L’Orange. Listen In (Album Stream)

Kool Keith’s discography is staggering. From his origins with The Ultramagnetic MC’s to a vast solo career, to side projects like Cenubites, Analog Brothers, and Dr. Octagon, the Bronx, New Yorker stays incredibly busy. With so much material, it can be hard to know where to look first—especially for longtime fans seeking some lyricism and content that cannot be imitated.

Teaming with L’Orange in the fullest extension of a budding relationship, K.K. released Time? Astonishing yesterday (July 24). Also including Blu, Mr. Lif, J-Live, and Run The Jewels’ DJ Trackstar, this 13-track LP is available for full stream before purchase. The Mello Music Group affiliates seem to yield some of Keith’s most focused, honed-in work in the last decade, while still providing so many of the charms that only Mr. Thornton can deliver:

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