Locksmith Takes a Few Moments to Reflect on What He’s Learned Thus Far (Video)

Almost a month ago to the day, Norcal MC Locksmith devastated not one, but two mics in back-to-back freestyles that showcased his skills as an off-the-cuff lyricist. He visited Kay Slay and Sway to promote Lofty Goals, his second studio album that dropped in June, a project which proves his writing skills are just as crazy. Featuring Chris Webby, Jarren Benton, Rebecca Noel, and others, the album is the first he’s released since performing on the world-class stage of SXSW in Austin back in March, and as his latest single suggests, he has learned a considerable amount about life and love along the way.

In “Lessons,” Locksmith takes a reflective tone, one that traces his newly found recognition and its effects on his relationships. With the help of singer Braden Blair, the song is pensive without being mournful, and its accompanying video suggests optimism. Filmed mostly in beautiful, outdoor settings, the video shows Locksmith on a country road, surrounded by vast, open blue skies. A segment in an abandoned, dilapidated building offsets the optimism and seems to suggest his desire to explore the darker sides of his success as a means of appreciating the lighter. Watch it here.

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