Redman, Method Man & Erick Sermon Always Deliver in The Clutch (Audio)

In the canon of Hip-Hop mentors, Erick Sermon is top-rank. The Brentwood, Long Island, New Yorker (with partner PMD) brought in Redman, Das EFX, K-Solo, Keith Solo, and the earliest days of Rick Ross. The EPMD MC/producer has an ear for talent. While he mentored Red’ and Keith in Def Squad, E-Double also stepped in to help Wu-Tang Clan’s Method Man with some critical production since Iron Lung’s 1998 sophomore.

In leading up his E.S.P. (Erick Sermon Perception) coming August 28, the Green-Eyed Bandit calls back to Red & Meth. One day after the red-eyed tandem released “Straight Gutter” with Streetlife and Hanz On, they come out in support of Sermon on “Clutch.” Erick, always the innovator, presents a brassy presentation that sounds like nothing else in his 30-year career. Moreover, rather than handing the mic off to the ravenous lyricists, E-R-I-C-K gets things started with his smooth bars and witty wordplay. Even to diehard fans, this might be Erick’s most exciting single since “Music.”


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