This Father/Daughter Beatbox Team Will Blow Your Mind. Watch Them Battle (Video)

Nicole Paris has uploaded a handful of videos on her YouTube channel in which she showcases her phenomenal beatboxing skills, but the latest installment is an inter-generational tête-à-tête featuring Paris and her father. The latest addition to her catalog is a follow-up to Round 1 of the Daddy-Daughter battle, which she shared with us last year. Now, the two are back for a rematch. This time, there’s some obvious clowning going on between the two (most of which is directed at Dad, who stumbles in his second set). Paris uploaded a longer version of Round 2 on her Facebook page, which is even nastier. She slays.

In the first match-up, she asked her viewers to vote, and she was named the resounding winner. Dubbed “Mentor vs. Apprentice,” the two each perform three sets and as you’ll see in the video below, the younger contestant breaks into some nice vocals, a little dubstep, and a hint of “Juicy.”

So, who took Round 2?

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