This Extended Season 6 Trailer Is a Must Watch For Walking Dead Fans (Video)

Comic-Con 2015 is in full swing in San Diego and with it comes a host of epic announcements and trailers. Today brought an extended look at the next season of America’s most watched TV series. Since its October 2010 debut, AMC’s The Walking Dead has steadily grown into the most popular TV show in the country. With its grotesque depictions of zombies and post-apocalyptic despair, it might seem an unlikely candidate, but its underlying themes of family and survival have proven transcendent.

AMC has released a four-minute trailer for the upcoming season 6, which premieres on October 11, and it seems poised to be the most gripping chapter yet in the adapted graphic novel. It picks up right where season 5 left off, with Rick Grimes’ leadership in question and threat of a mutiny from his extended family of survivors. The suspense is palpable, and it seems a major change may be underway. Check out the video.

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