Vic Mensa Flexes His Singing Chops on a Complete Re-Invention of Future’s Codeine Crazy (Audio)

Before Vic Mensa went solo in 2013, he was in a band. Not a Hip-Hop band, a collective of 7 artists and musicians who excelled at playing music across genres. Like Kids These Days, Mensa’s musical tastes are wide-ranging. In fact, he often cites Nirvana as one of his biggest influences.

Mensa returns to his Rock roots on his latest. Though he’s never been fully bound by Hip-Hop, releasing the Deep House track, “Down On My Luck,” in 2014, he has not indulged his Rock leanings since releasing “RUN!” on his Innanetape mixtape. With Future’s “Codeine Crazy (Icarus Story),” Vic completely re-works the song, making it into psychedelic bender. While he does rap near the end, the vast majority is fueled by heartfelt and more than capable singing.

Take a listen to the latest addition to Mensa’s diverse and rapidly-expanding catalog.

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