Bishop Nehru Celebrates His Birthday With 4 Songs Including A Visual (Audio/Video)

Bishop Nehru has accomplished a ton in just a teen-aged life. Turning 19 today (August 26), the Mass Appeal/Lex Records MC celebrated in a way that aligns with his tireless work ethic. The Spring Valley, New York native released four new songs, one of which already receives a standalone video.

Starting with the visual, “The Alert” (also available in audio via YouTube) addresses the milestone in Nehru’s career, as he starts a new chapter in his life. The song looks at his personal life shifts, as well as his rising through the ranks of young MCs out to make lasting Rap impact:

“YLW (Young Living Wild)” is a loquacious essay about refining skills at a ripe age. The free spirited moment of reflection celebrates Bishop’s youth, but embraces his hard work and sacrifice:

“I See” waxes wordplay with a slow, minimalist beat. The song is themed around Bishop Nehru watching the angles around every corner, and his penchant for preparation:

“Imma Get It” tests Bishop Nehru’s message with Trap trimmings. The song employs Auto-Tone vocal post-production, a simple and straightforward chorus, and details to his plans. For an artist widely known for his MF DOOM influences, it’s odd to hear him show a Soulja Boy inspiration:

Nehru shares his born day with Big K.R.I.T., who celebrated with music too.

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