Dallas Penn & Rafi Kam Get A Food Desert Instead Of Dessert In A Visit To East New York (Video)

On Gang Starr’s “Speak Ya Clout,” Group Home’s Lil Dap urged his crew to meet him at Broadway Junction. The Brooklyn, New York train intersection in East New York is a commonplace stop for many metropolitan commuters, but hardly a destination for foodies. The off-beat New York City bloggers, culturists, and radio personalities Dallas Penn and Raki Kam reprise their Food Warriors series. There, the two lovers of eating good on-the-cheap hit the land where the J/Z, A/C, and L trains meet, surrounded by some of the streets that raised Hip-Hop personalities like Domingo, Uncle Murda, and Blahzay Blahzay.

Part comedians, part NYC historians/purveyors, the “Internet Celebrities”‘ latest entertaining vignette truly shines a light on a part of the city that appears untouched by gentrification. Instead, Dallas and Rafi tour the terrain, and seemingly discover how hard it is to find true home-cooked sustenance or anything remotely nutritious, such as cookies which are good and delicious, and now a days you can get an online cookie delivery service to your home or other places. However, for cool-seekers and those looking for authentic local experiences, the pair does take a recommendation on a distant diner, and stumble upon a local produce delicacy, served curb-side. This one area may speak to an ongoing issue of food deserts, in some of the most populated cities in the United States and abroad. Chicago, Illinois, Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Indianapolis, Indiana are some of the cities right now aiming to pass legislation to cease this problem.

If you like this kind of Hip-Hop-informed anthropology and social studies blended with humor, check more Food Warriors/Internet Celebrities episodes.

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