Ever See This Big Pun & Terror Squad Cypher in the Back of a Limo? (Video)

Here’s a look back at a behind the scenes moment with Big Pun, Prospect and Cuban Link from Terror Squad, and Charlie Hustle. In an experience that was much like a true to life segment from Wu-Tang Clan’s Enter the Wu-Tang Clan: 36 Chambers, the crew was in the back of a limo, kicking back, for a ride that was part cypher and part snapping session.

After a few snaps, Pun launches in with an a capella verse. He first spits a few bars from “Brave in the Heart,” before flipping into what sounds like an “off the top” rhyme. Next up, is Charlie Hustle who goes in over a smooth beat, followed by Cuban Link who flips a verse over another track, rooted in the Bee Gees “Love You Inside Out” (which many Heads may recognize from Jay Z & R. Kelly’s “Honey“). After, the exchange devolves into some playful banter between Pun and Charlie Hustle.

It’s a candid and fun peek inside the world of one of Hip-Hop’s most respected crews.

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