Gangrene Show Their Far-Reaching ’70s Film Inspiration For The New LP (Video)

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As producers, Oh No and Alchemist dig deep. The two California natives appreciate getting a bit dusty to find just the right elements to orchestrate their gritty arrangements. Teaming together for a third studio LP as Gangrene, the pair did the same, thematically.

In 1972, a burgeoning broadcast journalist named Geraldo Rivera would visit Willowbrook State School in Staten Island, New York for a documentary, The Last Great Disgrace. The work would be hosted by Danny Aiello of Do The Right Thing! fame. The school, a placement for mentally, emotionally, and physically disabled children, would be a subject of controversy. Closing after 40 years in 1987, the site has been the impetus of many Civil Rights to persons living with disabilities today. The structure surrounding this oppressive and ugly past still stands.

Oh No The Disrupt and Alan The Chemist head to Shaolin with Jason Goldwatch to visit the site in 2015 over-top some sampling of Geraldo’s early ’70s impassioned editorializing. Elements of the just-released You Disgust Me album play. The Mass Appeal Records LP reportedly takes it title and inspiration from the attitude surrounding Willowbrook. The disrepair of the facility and ominous imagery show just what a tomb the controversial school has become, under the skyline of New York City.

You Disgust Me features the late Sean Price, Action Bronson, Mobb Deep’s Havoc, and others.

#Bonus Beat: Geraldo’s The Last Great Disgrace:

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