Mac Miller Releases One of His Hardest Tracks in Years & He’s Breaking All the Rules (Audio)

Mac Miller is on one in 2015. After a couple of years of psychedelic and introspective releases with 2013’s Watching Movies With the Sound Off and 2014’s Faces, his forthcoming album, GO:OD AM finds Miller in a more upbeat, confident and even defiant mood. “100 Grandkids,” the first release from the album, featured Mac having a one way conversation with his mother about balancing her desires for him to have a family with his need to pursue his career. The latest song takes things several steps further and advocates a complete disregard for the rules.

“Break The Law” is an irreverent send up of all authority and a literal and figurative middle finger in the air to all of Mac’s doubters over the years. After a raunchy first verse about not much of anything, he lobs some choice words at his critics “So many people told me that I wouldn’t be shit, But now I walk around with money and my hand on my dick, I think I’m special, I’m drinking whiskey out the bottle ’til I black out, One million, two million, shit I’m losing track now.”

While this is by no means, one of Mac’s most heady songs, it is one of his hardest in quite some time.


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