Macklemore & Ed Sheeran Present Lessons To His Daughter & All Of Us (Audio)

After dominating 2012-2014, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are back. The Seattle, Washington MC and producer tandem are masters at finding Pop sensibility through making Hip-Hop songs about issues that seemingly relate to us all.

Mack’ and his wife recently welcomed their daughter Sloane Ava Simone┬áHaggerty into the world (in May, before going public now), the Grammy Award-winner releases “Growing Up (Sloane’s Song).” In the vain of The Beatles’ “Hey Jude,” Kanye West’s “Only One,” Jay Z’s “Glory,” or perhaps lesser-known ballads such as Ill Bill’s “Riya,” and Atmosphere’s “Little Man,” Macklemore uses the moment to serenade his child with lessons. Beyond suggesting books (The Alchemist), authors (Langston Hughes), music (Sam Cooke and David Bowie), Mack’ anticipates a life from first steps to prom court. He also explains his distance supporting his own dream and livelihood.

In the player (below), Macklemore explains what the song means to him, and why he and Ryan are sharing it now:

Will Macklemore have another independent Hip-Hop crossover hit that plays listeners’ heart-strings as well as on radio?

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