Mannie Fresh Makes Super Tough Beat Live, Using 3 Random Records (Video)

It’s no accident that Mannie Fresh is one of the pioneers in defining the sound of Southern Hip-Hop in the 90s and beyond. His distinctive style of “bounce” music, built on punctuated horn samples, rolling bass lines and plenty of bling sounds, shifted the direction of Hip-Hop, much like the West Coast’s G-Funk did before it. Fresh’s work with the flagship version of Cash Money Records and its early artists like Juvenile, B.G., Lil Wayne and Turk, not only took the region to the national forefront, it laid the foundation for Cash Money to become one of the most dominant record labels in Hip-Hop history.

Mannie recently participated in Mass Appeal’s Rhythm Roulette challenge, where he was blindfolded, given the opportunity to select 3 random records, and use his picks to make a beat. Unlike, most of the challenges producers faced before him, Mannie had the added difficulty of being required to create the beat live in front of an audience. Using one record as the anchor, he was able to craft a track that is sure to find its way on one lucky artist’s album soon. Take a look at a master at work.