Mike Epps Got Jokes. This Time Ghostface Killah’s Action Bronson Rant Is The Target (Video)

Hip-Hop is becoming more and popular fodder for the elite comedians. Aziz Ansari’s Kanye West stories are the stuff of legends. Dave Chappelle’s show skits involving GZA, Q-Tip, and spoofing Lil Jon have endured for more than a decade after they aired. Hannibal Buress puts Funkmaster Flex imitations and “The Eric Andre Show” routines to the forefront of Internet culture.

Mike Epps is another one. The film star and longtime comic recently found inspiration in Ghostface Killah’s videotaped rant against Action Bronson, to spoof the affair. The Wu-Tang Clan co-founder used his video to verbally attack Bronson’s physique, mention his tour-schedule, and threaten the onetime collaborator with violence and “shooters.” In Epps’ similarly-staged spoof, he also plays the same Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes in the background, dons a red long-sleeve top, and mimics G.F.K.’s hesitations and visceral anger in the stream of consciousness. Mike repeatedly makes light of Bronson’s eating habits, and threatens him on the road with some “Irish goons” of his own.

Does comedy help ease the tension in one of 2015’s more peculiar Hip-Hop moments? Certainly, as of late, Mike Epps has also been the target of some social media spoofing. Hey, no one is above it.

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