Rick Ross Announces a New Album & Releases A Song With a Message (Audio)

Rick Ross is full of surprises today. Not only has the Maybach Music Group head announced he’s releasing a new album later this week, he’s also released a new song with a message of financial literacy and Black empowerment. Ross is dropping an LP called Black Dollar on Thursday, September 3. If “Foreclosures,” the lead single, is any indication of what to expect, the album will be a return to his more soulful and pensive music of several years ago, fueled, in part, by the J.U.S.T.I.C.E League.

“Foreclosures” is a reunion between Ross and the League, with additional production from 8 Bars. Thematically and sonically, it is a radical departure from many of Hood Billionaire‘s songs like “Movin’ Bass” and “Neighborhood Drug Dealer.” Ross still speaks of his success on the song, but it is tempered greatly with lyrics about the need for fiscal discipline, like “can’t be writing checks with your eyes closed, while you living out of homes in different time zones” and “Death Row, fast life, foreclosed on my past life; the white man call us stupid niggas, we spend it all, nothing for our children.” It’s a seismic shift from the man who authored “Blowin’ Money Fast.”

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