Slick Rick Joins Dynas & Tony Galvin For Some Animated Storytelling (Video Premiere)

In late April, South Florida MC Dynas teamed with timeless lyricist Slick Rick to release “Who U?” In the Tony Galvin-produced collaboration, MC Ricky D found great synergy (and equally “great Miami adventures”) with his latest rhyme-partner—who previously worked with storied labels like Rawkus and BBE Records.

Now the “Who U?” video arrives. With Dynas & Tony Galvin’s Big & Tall releasing on August 21, the 3-0-5 tandem shares the animated visual, featuring the MC, the producer, and the guest rhyme-innovator (still “with a mouth full of gold teeth”). Catch The Ruler loungin’ in the jacuzzi, Tony in an animated studio (where he’s previously produced for T.I., Mystikal, and Snoop Dogg), and Dynas gettin’ fresh dressed with a shape-up. It’s a stylish affair, in motion beside the ocean.

From Montell Jordan to Chamillionaire to Jay Z to Mos Def, Rick knows how to make his feature appearances pop off the record. In this rare cameo, it aims to bring deserved attention to the Sunshine State veteran spitter with lyrics to go.

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