Yasiin Bey Says Reports That He Has Returned to the Name “Mos Def” Are False (Video)

August has been a complex month for Yasiin Bey. Earlier in the month, a video surfaced where he issued a challenge to the entire Rap universe, saying that he, Black Thought and King Los could defeat anyone in a battle. Shortly after the video was released, Bey issued a statement saying that the video was made for his private use, only, and had been leaked without his knowledge or permission. Shortly thereafter, he released a song called “Basquat Ghostwriter,” which drew upon the art of Jean-Michel Basquiat for a layered and intricate commentary on injustice.

Last week, Bey seemingly followed up “Basquiat Ghostwriter,” with another song that was a return to his style of yore. “Sensei on the Block” featured Bey in a lyrically-agressive mode, over an ultra groovy beat. The song came complete with artwork which read “Mos Def & Ski Beatz.” As we noted, this appeared to be a reunion of sorts of the duo who previously worked together on “Cream of the Planet,” from Ski Beatz’s 2010 album 24 Hour Karate School, and seemed a return by Bey to his old moniker. As such, we titled the story “Mos Def Returns to His Old Name & Old Way of Dicing Up Beats.”

Now, Bey has filmed a statement, for OkayPlayer, clarifying that he has not taken up his previous professional name again and says any music released under that name recently was done so without his permission. “Whatever reports that you have heard that I am returning to the name ‘Mos Def’ are false, and any music that’s been released under that name, recently, is without my consent,” Bey says in the matter-of-fact video, clearly incensed about the matter. He goes on to say “It’s being sold illegally. Don’t support it.”

Bey also talks about the internet as being an irresponsible place for information and news. When the song was released last week, there was an eruption of excitement that continues. Do you think it was driven by nostalgia for “Mos Def,” the track, itself, or both?

You can watch Bey’s entire statement to OkayPlayer below.

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