Chance The Rapper & Kyle Re-jog The Memory Of Haters In The Rear-View (Audio)

The old adage “laugh now, cry later” is a driving force in Hip-Hop, just as it was a tattoo on Tupac Shakur’s pectoral. Many artists’ greatest motivation is those who doubted, rejected, and disrespected them in the past.

For Ventura, California native MC Kyle, this is true. Just on the cusp of pushing through, he calls upon another sensitive-minded lyricist in Chance The Rapper. “Remember Me?” forces those same negative forces to face the facts that they were wrong. Whether exes, mistrusted former friends, employers, teachers, or sideline haters, the song works with its heartfelt message, genuine presentation, and catchy chorus.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 5.49.58 PM

Spotted at Pitchfork.

Whose memory would you like to “re-jog”?

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