Zhané Was More Than 20 Years Ahead Of Their Time, Evident In This ‘Naughty’ Hit (Video)

Released in May of 1994, “Sending My Love” was the third single from Pronounced Jah-Nay, the Platinum-selling debut album from R&B duo Zhané. Listed as being produced by Naughty by Nature, the soulful, uptempo ballad was the result of a collaboration between singers Renee Neufville and Jean Norris-Baylor and Kay Gee, NBN’s DJ and an accomplished producer in his own right. Having helped make tracks for artists like Queen Latifah, Jaheim, Syleena Johnson, and Next, his expertise in contemporary R&B made him one of the most underrated producers in Hip-Hop. Zhané had previously scored two hits with 1993’s “Hey Mr. D.J.” and 1994’s “Groove Thing,” which earned the duo some considerable crossover success into Hip-Hop, thanks to a guest verse from Naughty by Nature. 

For many, Zhané’s genius lay in their prescience when it came to musical trends, combined with glorious harmonies. Aptly described as a progenitor of groups like Floetry – a duo whose blending of Hip-Hop and Soul music in distinctive ways landed them at the front of the Neo-Soul movement – Zhané is still applauded for their forward-thinking, a hallmark of their music that allows them to remain relevant today. Recently sampled by Goldlink (who is part of the reigning XXL Freshman class) is indicative of that relevance. Despite having released only two studio albums, their music remains beloved. “Sending My Love” didn’t outperform its predecessors, but its sound and accompanying video are sure to bring back nostalgic feelings.

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