Here’s A Gorgeous Mash-Up Of J Dilla, Common, Dwele & Bobby Caldwell (Audio)

Common’s enduring love song, “The Light,” turned 15 years old earlier this year. The track, which was produced by J Dilla, features a prominent sample of Bobby Caldwell’s “Open Your Eyes,” from his 1980 Cat in the Hat album. The song also was covered by Dwele in 2008 on his Sketches of a Man LP, as a tribute to Dilla, who had passed away 2 years before. Now, DJ Larry Goodman has put together a gorgeous mashup of all 3 songs.

The mix starts off with both Caldwell and Dwele’s versions of “Open Your Eyes” playing together. At times, Goodman lets them ride simultaneously and at other points, he fades back and forth between the two. The result is lush and beautiful vocals, with the two crooners alternately backing the other and “harmonizing” throughout. About halfway in, the DJ/beat maker brings in Common and Dilla’s “The Light,” while still intermittently calling up Dwele’s vocals to accompany the sample of Caldwell. The mix breathes new life into all 3 gorgeous songs. Take a listen and enjoy.

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