Imagine A World With UGK & B.B. King Collaborating. The Thrill Is Trill. (Audio/Video)

In the world of mash-up mixes, Amerigo Gazaway is one of the premier visionaries as of late. The Nashville, Tennessee based-DJ/producer looks beyond the quirky, the niche, or the party staples to draw connections out of time, space, and genre for artists. Amerigo displayed greatness in 2014’s Yasiin Gaye merging of the worlds of Yasiin Bey (f/k/a Mos Def) and the late Marvin Gaye, twice. He honored James Brown with a powerful volume in a series of tribute tapes from the likes of DJ Scratch and J. Period.

Next up in his “Soul Mates” series, Amerigo Gazaway’s ear travels to the Gulf of Mexico. There, he carefully intersects the worlds of UGK and B.B. King. Titled B.B. & The Underground Kingz: The Trill Is Gone, the release is planned for October 5 release. With Delta Blues giant Riley B. King passing away in May of this year, and Underground Kingz’ Chad Butler (a/k/a Pimp C) gone for almost eight years this December, this work seems to understand the gravity of what it’s embarking on. The trailer video shows that the soulful, defiantly southern qualities of both musical entities is blended in ways that make sense. Before his passing, B.B. King worked with Big K.R.I.T., who is one of UGK’s biggest disciples, musically-speaking. Meanwhile, Pimp C and Bun B pulled strongly from the Blues, making Everyman themes throughout the duo’s acclaimed Jive Records catalog. Moreover, guitars and thick, all-knowing vocal harmonies were a driving force in the eventual #1-charting group’s place in things. From the Louisiana-Texas coastline, the overlapping environment is real, no matter the era. On this work, Amerigo will play extensive organ, along with a dissected mix, making this more than a mash-up, but the “album” term he personally uses in describing the work.

Beyond the trailer, check out the project’s title track featuring Mr. 3-2 (of The Convicts fame) and Ronnie Spencer.

Visit Amerigo Gazaway’s site for more information and music from his impressive catalog.

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