Imagine Pete Rock & Large Professor DJ’ing, While D’Angelo is on the Phone. Q-Tip Made It Happen. (Audio)

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On the latest edition of Q-Tip’s Abstract Radio show, he treats fans to a mind-blowing experience. He is joined by Pete Rock and Large Professor in the studio, and the collective serves up a smorgasbord of classic break beats, anchored by a healthy dose of James Brown. Before that, Tip and Large Professor start things off with a cipher, with Extra P doing the heavy-lifting.

After an amazing 18-minute free-form set, Q-Tip calls D’Angelo for an impromptu conversation about the fundamental elements of music, with Tip breaking it down into “personnel, musicianship, pocket, funkiness, diversity, hits, longevity and influence” (18:40). The two then proceed to discuss who they believe to be some of the greats who represent those lethal combinations, including Sly Stone, Earth, Wind & Fire, Kool & The Gang, Jimi Hendrix, James Brown, and more. As if that weren’t enough, midway through the chat, The Abstract decides to 3-way call Andre 3000 to get his opinion on the matter. 3 Stacks picks up on the second attempt (29:00).

This is a one of a kind experience…that feels like Q-Tip can replicate daily.

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Q-Tip’s Abstract Radio airs weekly on Apple Music’s Beats One on Friday’s at 10pm EST.

Props on the spot: Ego Trip

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