Krayzie Bone Has Powerful Memories About Ice Cube & Eazy-E’s 1995 Reunion After Years Of Beef

It’s well-known N.W.A. lore that Eazy-E and Ice Cube’s relationship hit a sour note towards the end of Eazy’s life, and Cube has often remarked on how he wishes the friendship had been more strongly rebuilt before Eazy passed away due to complications from H.I.V. Without his own testimony, it’s difficult to know what his perspective on the matter is, but the success of Straight Outta Compton has reinvigorated many conversations about N.W.A.’s history, including the tempestuous way the two friends ended their friendship. Even more importantly, perhaps, is the conversation about how the two reconciled and with a recent feature at Nah Right, the conversation has become larger and more detailed.

With input from Krayzie Bone, a member of Eazy-E’s proteges Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, this recent interview sheds light on the circumstances that led up to the famed reconciliation, which allegedly took place at New York’s iconic nightclub the Tunnel in 1995. Along with manager Steve Lobel, Krayzie Bone shared his memories with Nah Right about the night in question, which he remembers as transpiring differently from the scene’s depiction in the biopic. He shares “Walking to the back of the club, we spotted [Ice] Cube. The thing that I didn’t really see and I don’t know if I turned my head or not but when they saw each other it wasn’t like how it was portrayed in the movie of how they stood up for a minute and it was like a standoff. As soon as they saw each other it was all smiles and love. They sat down and actually chopped it up the entire time. [B.O.N.E.] sat at another table but they chopped it up the entire time.”” He goes on to say “I remember Eazy saying that he hadn’t seen them since everything happened,” and “that was our first time seeing Ice Cube. We were hype and couldn’t believe it. We were in the big leagues now. We were rubbing elbows with celebrities and they know us.”

Krayzie Bone also shares his memories about not having much face-to-face time interaction with Eazy-E after that fateful night, as well as whether or not Eazy had a chance to listen to the debut album from his proteges before passing away. To read those anecdotes, as well as Krayzie Bone’s thoughts on Eazy-E’s feud with and separation from longtime business partner Jerry Heller, head over to Nah Right.


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