Mac Miller Says Donald Trump is “Like a Struggling Rapper,” And Those Were His Nice Words…(Video)

Mac Miller and Donald Trump have a complicated history. In 2011, Mac Miller released his song named after Trump and, as Trump is fond of noting, the song has gone on to yield more than 100 million streams on YouTube. In true form to many politicians, Trump has flip-flopped on his position about the song on a number of occasions. When he first caught wind of the song, Trump gave it the co-sign, telling HipHopDX he saw Miller as “the new Eminem.” By 2013, however, in reaction to some pointed words the MC had about him, Trump remixed his tune, going on a very public tirade about Mac Miller on Twitter.

Lately, Trump has softened again “Donald Trump,” calling it a “great song.” Aside from the attention Trump’s words have brought to his music, however, Mac Miller has not been a fan of the presidential hopeful. In a spirited and often hilarious exchange, he guested as a panelist on The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore, where he joined Wilmore, show contributor Mike Yard and comedienne/actress, Brooke Van Poppelen. The group started off talking about the new brand of politics they believe Trump has created, rooted in bullying and insults. Miller minces no words in his assessment of Trump, saying that even back in 2012, he saw Trump as “a dickhead,” which he stated publicly. He goes on to detail the resulting attack by Trump on Twitter, in response to Miller’s comments, and the attention it brought to the song “Donald Trump.”

In an even more comedic part of the discussion, Miller likens Trump to “a struggling rapper on Twitter,” with his willingness to say anything to get attention. In a more serious moment, however, Mac points out that the embracing of some of Trump’s perceived racist comments is more a commentary on the state of America than on Trump, himself.

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