Pastors & Politicians Won’t Want You to Hear Ras Kass’ Latest (Audio)

October 16 signals Breakfast At Banky’s, Ras Kass and Jack Splash’s Semi Hendrix collaborative debut. The Mello Music Group LP seems to pick up where 2014’s Blasphemy (Ras’ pairing with Apollo Brown) left off.

“Jesus Pressed Mute” is Razzy’s latest indictment on government and organized religion. The Carson, California veteran lists why there’s good case for God missing the prayers, and politicians plotting on the populist demise. If you feel that the world is lacking hope lately, this apocalyptic collabo will speak to you. As with the album’s title track, Jack Splash helps fuel a colorful sonic backdrop, something that stands far apart from Ras’ previous catalog.

Is this sort of subject matter Ras Kass at his best?

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