The Purple File? Just Doesn’t Sound Right…Cassettes Are Not Dead (Video)

Springfield, Missouri is home to National Audio Company, a seemingly nondescript business which manufactures, among other things, cassette tapes. In a video package for Bloomberg Business, the company’s president shared insight into how, during the digital era, NAC managed to have its best fiscal year since 1969, due in part to a high volume of cassette tape sales. Called “the Last Audio Cassette Factory,” NAC uses vintage equipment (including an old, adapted cigarette rolling machine) to produce much of its product, and viewers are invited into the factory to get a first-hand glimpse into what exactly goes into the creation of cassette tapes.

Part of the genius in the company’s operations is its ability to keep up with the warp-speed progression of the audio-technology industry. However, the overwhelming affinity of all things old school has helped keep the business afloat while many of its competitors floundered. As NAC’s president Steve Stepp shares, “probably the thing that has really enlarged our business at a faster phase than anything is the retro movement,” the same movement that has led to a resurgence in the popularity of vinyl and throwback tech like the recently released iPhone app that allows you to use a filter on videos that makes it look like footage on a VHS tape. Check out the segment here.

What was the first tape you bought?

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