The World’s Best B-Boys & B-Girls Take Center Stage at this Breakin’ Competition (Video)

Heads around the world have embraced Breakdancing as one of Hip-Hop’s defining elements, and while it may seem like rapping has become the culture’s most visible manifestation, B-boys and B-Girls continue to celebrate breakin’ in tremendous ways. Back in August, the World Hip-Hop Dance Championships took place in San Diego, California where 3,000 dancers from all around the world flocked to showcase their unique renditions of popping, locking, animation, and other offshoots of Hip-Hop dance. In the coming months, a Hip-Hop dance competition that centers on Breakin’ in its purest form will continue bringing the world’s most talented dancers stateside, as the Silverback Open Championships launches its 2015 competition season.

The Open Championships takes its name from Steve Graham, a former B-boy who performed as Silverback. Ever since making frequent pilgrimages to the Bronx in the early ’80s to be a part of the burgeoning dance culture, Graham has made it his life’s pursuit to promote Breakin’, which he is now doing as the founder of the Urban Dance & Educational Foundation, a charitable non-profit organization whose most major initiative is the Pro Breaking Tour which organizes events in North America and Europe. On October 10 and 11, Philadelphia will serve as the site for the Silverback Open Championships, which earns the winners cash prizes and spots in the Freestyle Session World Finals in Los Angeles, taking place November 7 and 8.

For a taste of the high-caliber talent hitting the stage this October, check out the videos below.

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