Breakin’ is Back. Here Are Some of the Most Amazing Moves You’ll Ever See (Video)

Although Breakin’ has always been a core element of Hip-Hop, its popularity was at its zenith in the mid-’80s. Movies like Beat Street and Breakin’ took what had been a subculture to the mainstream and inspired legions of B-Boys and B-Girls around the world. Though the furor would subside from those days, the form of Hip-Hop dance never went away.

Recently, there has been a resurgence in the art form, as is evidenced in music videos and a new wave of dance films. Helping to lead the charge is the Urban Dance & Educational Foundation (UDEF), a non-profit organization founded by Steve Graham–a private equity executive by day and B-boy by night (and for life). Graham traveled to The Bronx in the early ’80s to learn from some of the most respected breakers of the era. Silverback, as he was known in B-boy circles, would then showcase his moves at The Roxy, the storied venue that was featured in Beat Street. In the last few years, he’s rekindled his passion, dancing regularly at the age of 55, and launched UDEF to support young breakers and advance the tradition.

One of UDEF’s signature events is the Silverback Open Championships, and it features some of the finest dancers in the world. Like all other aspects of Hip-Hop, breakin’ has evolved. The essence is still there, but the athleticism has grown exponentially. Take a look at highlights from the recent 2014 championships and prepare to have your mind blown.

And, here’s Steve Graham showing he’s still got it, after three decades of breaking.

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