Would You Let Stevie Wonder Take You for a Joyride? James Corden Almost Did (Video)

The Late Late Show host James Corden is starting to give his earlier night peers a run for their money with his video vignettes. Back in July, a segment of his Carpool Karaoke featuring Rod Stewart and A$AP Rocky made the rounds. Now, he’s released an installment featuring the one and only Stevie Wonder and, as Eddie Murphy infamously teased years ago, he let Stevie take the wheel…for a little while.

After some playful banter between the two, they go on a ride that was truly filled with joy. Corden prank calls his wife while Stevie serenades her with “I Just Called to Say I Love You,” and they cruise the streets of Los Angeles running through one Wonderous classic after another. In between, Stevie is quick to riff with one liners, giving Corden as good as he gets. Check it out.

And…Eddie Murphy predicted it.

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