Your Old Droog & Problemz Rock A Freestyle With Lots Of Replay Value (Video)

Appearing on DJ Eclipse’s “Rap Is Outta Control” show, Your Old Droog and Problemz brought their A-game. In the show (also featuring J57 and Karla Keys), records are often played that not only advance the culture forward, but live up to the standard of “dope” established decades ago. The lyrical guests do exactly that, freestyling over DJ Premier’s “One Day” instrumental for Jeru The Damaja.

Y.O.D. combines plans for his future with touchstone images from his past in waxing a depiction of his lifestyle and motto. Problemz (of Missin Linx fame) makes a brilliant deep-tone appearance on video. Both MCs inject wit, conversational flow, and lots of style into this rewind-worthy freestyle.

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