Big Boi & Phantogram Bring Out The Big Drums In Brooklyn (Video)

“Jimmy Kimmel Live!” had a highly appropriate lineup on what was dubbed “Back To The Future Day,” with October 21, 2015 being the day Marty McFly lands in the future in the 1989 sequel to the classic film. Jimmy interviewed Michael J. Fox, the actor who played Marty in the film trilogy, Bernie Sanders, a presidential candidate hoping to change the future of America, and the musical guest was Big Grams, the group comprised of Big Boi and Phantogram.

Together as Big Grams, Big Boi and Phantogram have released a self-titled EP filled with genre-blending songs that have a real futuristic sound to them. As if this wasn’t already evident with their previously leaked singles, they decided to perform the closing track on the EP, a collaboration with EDM DJ Skrillex called “Drum Machine.” The song has a strong electronic vibe to it, as Big Boi lays down some rapid-fire raps over the Skrillex & Phantogram-produced beat that makes you just want to jump.

While Skrillex was absent for this special taping of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” in Brooklyn (as opposed to his usual L.A. studio), Big Grams still brought the song to life, and even had a marching band of drummers to rock with them. Watch below as Phantogram’s Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel tear it down on the literal drum machine and vocals respectively, and Big Boi slays his Rap verses:

#BonusBeat: “Goldmine Junkie”:

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