Big Daddy Kane Celebrates Macklemore For Working With Hip-Hop’s Pioneers (Video)

One of the more polarizing occurrences in Hip-Hop this year has been Macklemore’s song “Downtown.” Since his massive ascension in 2012, the Seattle MC has had both passionate supporters and vitriolic haters, with little in between. The divide was only heightened when Macklemore won the 2014 Grammy Award for Best Rap Album over Kendrick Lamar, an MC who has enjoyed near universal critical acclaim. There were cries of discrimination on the part of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, the organization that decides Grammy winners, and criticisms of cultural appropriation were hurled at Macklemore, himself. The controversy was compounded when Macklemore sent a text to Kendrick Lamar saying he thought Kendrick deserved to win the award, and then posted his text on Instagram.

When Macklemore returned to the scene this summer, after an extended hiatus, his new single “Downtown,” featured a lineup of Hip-Hop pioneers, including Grandmaster Caz, Kool Moe Dee and Melle Mel. The 3 MCs were not only on the song, they were prominently featured in the video and joined Macklemore in his MTV VMA performance. Some saw Macklemore’s working with Caz, Moe Dee and Mel as a tribute to Hip-Hop’s earliest stars. Others, believed it to be exploitative and another misstep by Macklemore. Last month, it was revealed that Big Daddy Kane was the person who brokered the arrangement between Macklemore and the pioneers and, recently, Kane joined Ed Lover and recounted the whole story. BDK spoke about his connection with Macklemore, the series of events that transpired, how good Macklemore was to the MCs and the backlash that has accompanied the record. Kane says he was the one who suggested Caz, Mel and Moe Dee. He also notes that he and his generation never celebrated the pioneers the way that Macklemore did, and commends Macklemore for doing what he did not. Take a look.

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