Dave East Is A Standout New Artist. With Nas, Pusha T & LOX, He Has an Army With Him (Mixtape)

Even before he was co-signed by Nas and Mass Appeal Records, Spanish Harlem’s Dave East showed tremendous promise. An insightful street MC, Dave combines 2015’s appreciation for grit with the present-day demand for intellectual verses. In an era when New York City is fast changing, East is a product of the city’s past, present, and possibly, its musical future.

Hate Me Now is a free mixtape that brings Dave East to the hosting chamber of DJ Drama. The tape features Nas, Pusha T, and individually, all three LOX members. With production from Sean & LV (The Hitmen), Don Cannon, and Roc Nation’s Jahlil Beats, this freebie has album-like weight. Showing Dave’s range, and his spectrum in content and delivery, Hate Me Now may indeed be something to love.

Is the mixtape still the most effective way for a new artist to transition towards a commercial album?

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