DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince May Be Making Some Brand New Funk Together, Again

Earlier this month, Will Smith said he is almost certain that he and DJ Jazzy Jeff (as “DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince”) are soon embarking on the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s first ever official tour, despite a nearly 30-year history.

Well, according to Jeff, there is even more coming. Just days after Smith released his first Rap vocals in 10 years (care of Bomba Estéreo’s “Fiesta (Remix)”), he and his onetime Grammy Award-winning partner are soon to be back in the lab.


“Will’ [Smith has] been recording. We had a really good conversation because he wants to get back in recording. One of the things that we talk about is going from all of these stupid, giant, million-dollar studios to now having the ability to record something in a hotel room,” Jeff told Rolling Stone yesterday (October 9). The touring DJ/producer said that Smith’s Hip-Hop resurgence has not brought them to the studio together as of yet, but the former Jive Records artists are currently scheduling.

Asked about the pair’s decade-long hiatus, Jeff spoke of his Hollywood superstar’s partner commitment to the craft. “You don’t retire from an art. This has always been inside of him and he’s always wanted to do this. He has never stopped rapping. It’s just that being the biggest movie star on the planet, you don’t have enough time. There has never been a time that he didn’t jump on my microphone when we’re together, because that is in his blood. You think you’re going to be around a basketball court with Michael Jordan and he is not going to shoot? That’ll never happen!”

Jeff was pressed about a complete album from the pair, a would-be follow-up to 1993’s, gold-certified Code Red. “The timing is perfect and it was just something that clicked. I think a lot of it is just the understanding of the space.” The A Touch Of Jazz leader looked at his mid-’80s contemporaries. “You’ve got to look at it like, us, Dr. Dre, LL Cool J all came up together, and now everybody’s in a different professional space, but your fan-base is still there.”

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As Heads continue to hold Jeff and Will’s work in the greatest albums conversation, is a sixth LP something you would check for? Could this pair outdo some of those mentioned peers in making an album 30 years deep?

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