Will Smith Says He & DJ Jazzy Jeff Are Going On Their First Tour Ever (Video)

After recently releasing his first rap verse in ten years with a remix of Bomba Estereo’s “Fiesta,” Will Smith stopped by the Beats 1 studio for an interview with Zane Lowe. The new song of course draws speculation as to whether we can expect a new album from Will Smith in the future, his previous release being 2005’s Lost and Found.

The interview starts with Will discussing the making of “Fiesta (Remix),” and getting back into recording music. He talks about feeling “terrified” trying to live up to his previous success as an MC, and looking at his kids’ (Jaden & Willow Smith) approach to music without regard to public opinions (2:45). They also compare different generations in Hip-Hop, how we’re experiencing the first generation of 40-50 year old rappers, and Will’s approach to writing rhymes versus Jaden’s approach (7:20).

Getting into future plans, Will says he has 30 songs recorded for a potential new album, but is also willing to explore different ways to present the music in a way that can grab the consumer’s attention (9:30). They talk a bit about raising teenagers in Hollywood (12:00) before getting into Will’s other upcoming creative endeavours.

Will gets into filming Suicide Squad, and how he has never met Jared Leto despite working with him for six months (15:30). He also talks about his upcoming film Concussion before dropping some really big news for Hip-Hop heads.

Although he has several Hip-Hop classics as the duo DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, Will explains that they’ve never actually gone on tour together because he was always filming TV shows or movies in the early ’90’s, and that they will “almost certain[ly]” be going on their first ever tour next summer (17:25). The interview ends with another bomb, as Will says there is “a very, very strong possibility” that there will be a third Bad Boys installment “within the next 12-16 months,” effectively confirming previous rumours. Check out the full interview below:

Between Suicide Squad, the DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince tour, a potential new album and possibly Bad Boys 3, Will Smith seems to be set for a pretty big 2016. Which of his projects are you most excited to see?

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