Don’t Let The Fresh Face Fool You. 17 Year Old Rapper Token Is No Sucka MC (Video)

For those of who have witnessed the rhymes of 17 year-old wordsmith A-F-R-O, an emerging MC who some, like R.A. The Rugged Man, have dubbed “the future of Hip-Hop,” here’s another rising young MC to add to the list of potential diamonds in the rough.

Born and bred in the heart of Salem, Massachusetts, Token was driven by his family’s focused passion on the craft of musicianship from a young age, and eventually Hip-Hop found it’s way into his headphones. He continued to grow by listening to some of Hip-Hop’s greatest, including 2pac, Eminem, Ludacris and Jay Z. From the first grade, Hip-Hop and music blossomed into something much more, as the elementary school kid from Eastern Massachusetts began using poetry to cope with life’s ups and downs. Eventually, his rhyme notebooks turned into songs as Hip-Hop began to mold not only his words, but himself as an artist.

Over the past few years, Token’s dedication to writing, composing, and producing content has put him on stage with lyrical masters such as King Los, and has caught the eyes and ears of the likes of TeamBackPack and thousands of fans. His most recent video “No Sucka MCs,” has topped over 500,000 views on YouTube in less than three days, but this artist is far from a one hit wonder. In fact, this is merely a do-it-just-for-fun freestyle.

Token’s skills with the wordplay in his tracks drift from the satirical to the inspirational, and his latest is living proof of his skill set and future potential. As viewers will see in the video, there is a refreshing bit of rawness to him and the visuals themselves, but it doesn’t look like Token will quit cooking anytime soon.

With the likes of Token and A-F-R-O, are Heads witnessing a renaissance of focus on lyricism in Hip-Hop or are these 2 MCs outliers?

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