Everybody Knows Jadakiss Is an Elite MC. But Did You Know He Can Windmill? (Video)

Jadakiss is often considered one of the greatest MCs in Hip-Hop. The self-proclaimed “Top 5, Dead Or Alive” got there by winning over the streets, the mainstream, and Hip-Hop Heads. As far as the third component, the Yonkers, New York lyricist is one himself. It’s why Jada’ has been puttin’ in microphone work since the Main Source/Wild Pitch Records days, into his “John Blaze” pivots.

A new posted video (by Jadakiss himself) shows just how deep ‘Kiss’Hip-Hop ties run. Even as a twice gold-certified soloist, The LOX front man never forgot those B-Boy moves. Even though it’s camera-phone captured, it’s a true delight to see the Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam Records star get up and get down—including a deeply respectable windmill outside the recording room.

And, do you think Jada’s choice in music was an accident? Think again…

As a bonus, Jadakiss has also compiled a mixtape full of his recent Top 5 Dead Or Alive freestyles. You can stream and download the entire project below.

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