Jadakiss & Swizz Beatz Speak Directly To The Badges Of Brutality (Video)

Just days after “Jason” released to audio, Jadakiss and Swizz Beatz drop the visual. The track captures the suspense associated with the Friday The 13th slasher franchise, where Jason Vorhees attacked Camp Crystal Lake, again and again. In Jada’ and Swizz’s version, it’s not at the movies. Instead, the two New Yorkers symbolically chronicle the new hunted—unarmed Black folks at the hands of police.

The gritty black-and-white Def Jam Records-backed video shows this, as Swizzy and ‘Kiss speak to the profiling they’ve faced due to their fancy cars, homes, and lifestyles. They want to put the mask on (not unlike Jason) and fight back. Jadakiss’ verse in particular brings light to Eric Garner’s 2014 death, and the “don’t shoot” protests.

When songs aren’t fully about a particular serious issue, but bring it into a light that still gets mass-exposure, does it work as effectively as fully-dedicated protest songs?

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