Has Obama Done Enough For Race Relations? Jeezy’s Response May Surprise (Video)

Last night’s episode of “The Nightly Show” was the first to air since the weekend’s historic Million Man March, a landmark event in which hundreds of thousands took to the streets of Washington, D.C. to partake in the “Justice or Else” March. In honor of the 50th anniversary of the first Million Man March, citizens and celebrities alike gathered to rally for equality, particularly in light of recent events involving police brutality and other forms of systemic racism. Whether intentionally or not, the panel on last night’s show was entirely African-American, with host Larry Wilmore being joined by comedians James Davis and Mike Yard as well as rapper Jeezy. The four discussed President Obama and what progress, if any, America has made in its racial relations.

When asked if Obama has “done enough for Black people” and if that’s his job at all, Jeezy argues “I think it’s his job to be President, first…you know, he had to fix the economy, healthcare…I don’t think it’s fair to him just because he’s Black that he’s just the Black President.” When Mike Yard disagrees, arguing that there are some serious issues facing Black America that the first Black president should fix, Jeezy fires back with a statement of unity, saying that Obama was elected into office to “make change…that’s change for everybody. We can’t say just change for Black people.” However, he follows it up by saying “I haven’t noticed a lot of change…but he still has two years, so he better go to work.”

Check out the entire segment to hear all panel members’ thoughts on the current state of Black American politics. Jeezy’s forthcoming album Church in These Streets is dropping November 13.

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