In His Latest, Tyler, the Creator Still Has Zero Effs Left to Give (Audio)

Since exploding onto the music scene with 2008’s The Odd Future Tape, Tyler, the Creator has left a wake of controversy in his path. The Los Angeles MC and producer has never shied away from the provocative, and his early mainstream career earned the disdain of plenty of critics who pointed to his overt references to things like rap and suicide as detrimental to his young audience. However, his creative license prevailed, and the Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All front man and Foe of All Censors has not once curtailed his outspokenness, both on and off the mic. In some of his most recent hot water, Tyler was banned from performing in both Australia and the United Kingdom for lyrics that, to many, push the envelope too far and border on threatening misogyny, assault, and various other harms.

As fans likely expected, Tyler was not at all tight-lipped about his punishments, and now he’s taken to the booth to voice his frustrations. On “Fuck It,” he sets off a lyrical barrage reminiscent of the tone on 2009’s Bastard (or even 2011’s Goblin). The lyrical content has some Heads drawing parallels to Marshall Mathers’ early works, and that comparison unwraps a bit of irony; Eminem was never banned in such an aggressive fashion, despite being criticized for the same violent and misogynistic lyrics that have now earned Tyler the recent tut-tutting. In fact, Tyler even mentions it in the song (“when Marshall had this problem what the fuck was they telling him? Is it cause of status or his melanin lacks black? I think people love to be mad. How can i be misogynist? I love titties and ass”). Check out the unbridled loosie here.

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