Tyler, The Creator Makes a Video That’s Controversial Even for Him (Visual)

It’s been several months since Tyler, The Creator dropped a new music video, and today (Oct. 1) he’s back with a double feature. The video covers the songs “Buffalo” and “Find Your Wings,” both off of his 2015 album Cherry Bomb.

The first part of the video, “Buffalo,” is a controversial one, even for Tyler. It features a depiction of a role-reversal, with a mob of angry African-Americans chasing and hanging a “whitefaced” Tyler wearing a “Golf Pride” t-shirt. Tyler goes on to wipe off the makeup to reveal him wearing blackface before the tone completely shifts for the second part of the video.

The “Find Your Wings” part of the video has Tyler in a 1970’s style TV studio performing with an entire band. Just as the song and much of the album sounds, Tyler explains in the short interview prior that he doesn’t like being boxed into the Rap category and enjoys all aspects of music.

All in all, the new visual will create a mixed bag of emotions with controversy, possible offensiveness, humor and inspiration, as Tyler continues to keep up his reputation for having unique, left-field music videos. Check it out below:

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