Keith Murray Apologizes For His Poor Battle Against Fredro Starr & Says He Was on Meds (Video)

Earlier this week, Keith Murray and Fredro Starr battled at Brooklyn, New York’s Milk River. The battle was over a year in the making, having already been postponed once. When the event finally did take place, fans were incensed by what they viewed as a completely one-sided performance, in favor of Fredro Starr. Many believed Murray was sluggish and seemingly under the influence of drugs. Days after the event, Murray sat down with DJ Vlad and took full accountability for his poor performance.

From the beginning of the inteview and throughout, Murray seemed confident, calm and lucid. He started the conversation by explaining how the battle came together, noting that he initially was to face Black Rob, and why it was postponed last year. The conversation then shifted to the night of the battle. Keith gave a detailed account of the events that took place leading up to the event, including playfully battling outside with This Is 50’s Jack Thriller, having a hard time getting his 40-person crew inside the venue and having to wait 3 hours to battle, once he was inside (2:22).

Though Murray believes the events that transpired before the battle hindered him, he does not use them as an excuse. In fact, before addressing the battle itself, he explicitly apologizes to his family and friends, taking full responsibility for his performance (3:25). Murray also reveals that, prior to getting on stage, he had a shot of alcohol and “took some antihistamines for a head cold,” and acknowledged that by the time he got to the stage, he was not himself. He goes even further, saying “Fredro Starr won by default. Keith Murray defeated himself.” It is at that point in the interview that Murray becomes his most animated. He says he would have defeated Starr, if he had been more clear-headed, and not only is he up for a re-match, he would be open to battling anybody else who wanted to challenge him (3:50).

Murray and Vlad also discuss the specifics of the battle, in the conversation. Keith says he and Starr used beats, contrary to the now custom practice of battling a cappella, because it was mandated by the event’s promoters (5:28). He also states that he believes the beats detracted from the quality of the performances, rather than helping.

Later, Vlad asks Murray if he thinks Fredro got too personal with some of his words during the battle (8:11). Murray doesn’t hesitate to say no. Specifically, he addresses Starr’s calling him a “dust head,” a reference to PCP, saying drugs are omnipresent in America and accusing Starr of being a “coke nose” and an “alcoholic.” Keith again reiterates that had he been in his “right frame of mind” he would have been able to rebut Fredro more effectively, and the subject matter was all fair game.

Near the end of the interview, Murray discusses some exciting news for fans of Erick Sermon, Redman and his Def Squad (11:30). He reveals the crew is working on a new album that will be titled El Nino 2. He also gives some details about the forthcoming Def Squad Cypher in the BET Hip Hop Awards. Check out the full interview above.

Do you respect Keith Murray for his accountability for his poor performance?

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